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Want An Easy Fix For Your Car Games? Read This!

Want An Easy Fix For Your Car Games? Read This!

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Arcades are somewhat a relic of the past, a retro novelty that only really enjoys their highest draw overseas in Japan or from private collectors stateside. However, the arcade game industry has survived thanks to a small niche market in the United States that is willing to pay hand over fist for the entertainment provided by specialized arcade game cabs.

Arcade games have survived in family fun centers precisely because they can offer experiences that many home console systems simply cannot offer in a cost effective manner. The nature and investment of arcade games allows for larger scale peripheral equipment to be designed for the purpose of enhancing the gamer's experience. For the sake of brevity, we will discuss equipment including large touch screen monitors, detailed and oversized controllers, and cockpit setups.

Cockpit arcade cabinets are an area where arcade games have traditionally flourished. Since the 80s, developers have utilized large arcade cabs designed to look and function like a cockpit; including speakers behind the shoulders, steering wheels and joysticks, and enclosed cabinets designed to cut the gamer off from the outside world as much as possible. The goal of these elaborate setups was immersion; build a cab that truly made the gamer feel like they were whipping through a countryside road at breakneck speeds, or caught in a dire aerial dogfight. Many of these cabinets exist still today, and have excelled in doubling the cab's size; or synchronizing cabs to compete against friends in the virtual world, while cut off physically.

Specialized controllers provide a different kind of immersion; through enhanced manipulation of the video game's environment. Popular versions of this style of arcade game include light gun shooters; where the gamer wields gun shaped controller that acts as the means of interacting with the game, aiming and shooting at targets on the screen to play. Many different games have adopted this format, including musical instruments (of Guitar Hero fame) and especially shooting or gun based games.

Finally, touch screen games are becoming the future of niche arcades. Harnessing the popularity and addictive game play of handheld smartphone apps, large scale touch screen games expand from the small scale to include massive screens that feature a new experience for arcades. A popular example that has been lighting up arcades is an innovative version of the best selling smartphone app, Fruit Ninja. New touch screen technology allows the gamer to slice the produce with addictive ease, racking up points and setting high scores as an old school arcade cabinet would allow. The simplistic interaction and innovative cabinet and screen enable Fruit Ninja to be enjoyed by gamers of all ages and skill levels, perfect for a family fun center's inclusive nature.

Arcade games have found a niche market through innovative operation and creating an experience through interface and size. Thus arcade games survived through their strength, creating an experience for the game that cannot be emulated at home. Visit your local family fun center or arcade to be immersed in video games in a way that your Xbox can never recreate.

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